"Nature's Pin-up" by Kristi Abbott (16" x 16")

14407 Kristi Abbott Flower Print web.jpg
14407 Kristi Abbott Flower Print web.jpg

"Nature's Pin-up" by Kristi Abbott (16" x 16")


This is an archival quality print. The original work, “Nature’s Pinup” 2014, was made through the process of collage and was created from a hand selected number of high quality papers.  Each paper is then cut and arranged in a way that brings life to the elements in the scene.  Once the collaged image is completed, a mat varnish is used to seal all of the layers and then a high resolution digital image is created from the original work.

The original was created specifically for the Ramsey County Detox Center - A=rt's first project undertaken in 2014.

Each print is signed by the artist. 

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The flower represents spring, a time of rebirth and new life.  This is the gift Kristi Abbott hopes to inspire for individuals transitioning to sobriety. “It takes great courage to start a new life.”

Inspiration taken from the poem below:

How did the (flower)
Ever open its heart
And give to this world
All its beauty?
It felt the encouragement of light
Against its being,
Otherwise we all remain
Too frightened.


This piece was donated by the Artist in partnership with A=RT, Art equals Real Transformation.