Ramsey County Detoxification Center, St. Paul Minnesota

Our mission at A=rt is to transform building interiors through the use of color, art and design into welcoming environments that reflect the value and diversity of the people who use them. 

We are interested in transforming any building in need, however we have a strong commitment to helping those agencies that serve low-income populations or populations that are experiencing a transition or crisis such as county-run detoxification centers, state-run mental health hospitals, homeless shelters and low-income senior housing. 

The agencies described above often lack the necessary budgets to hire art consultants and purchase collections of original artwork. We will work with any budget available and assist the agency in obtaining additional funds through grant writing, fundraising, etc. as needed.

We connect local artists with each project. In our first two years we have worked to transform two buildings and purchased over $55,000 of local art.  

A=rt is made up of a small group of artists, social workers and volunteers. However, we partner with large art organizations/cooperatives such as: The Lowertown Lofts Artist Cooperative, WARM (Women's Art Resources of Minnesota), SPAC (St. Paul Art Collective), NEMAA (Northeast Minneapolis Art Association) and Springboard for the Arts