Dear Reader,

A=rt is a non-profit organization operating on a tiny budget but a whole lot of love.  We truly appreciate your support in every form- whether it's a donation, ideas, volunteer time, or social media engagement.  From the bottom of our art-loving hearts, thank you!

As you know, we partner with nonprofit agencies and organizations with limited budgets to serve as a bridge between them and local artists in an effort to transform their interiors into more welcoming and inspiring spaces.

A lot of things are important to us at A=rt, but here are our core commitments:

  • We believe that all people should feel respected and valued when they enter a space.
  • We are dedicated to helping organizations who are struggling to create welcoming enviornments due to the constraints of a limited budget.
  • We are passionate about connecting local artists to the community and vice versa.  We love Minnesota artists and want to see them thrive.

We think that when people feel valued, the lasting impact is a significant enrichment of our community.  That's the reason we do what we do.

At the end of the day, this work takes money.  If you're interested in making a donation to A=rt, you can click on the button below.  Together, we can add a bit of color and happiness to our world!

With Kind Regards,
The A=rt Team