Call for Artists (12/01/15 - 02/29/16) | No longer accepting submissions

A=rt is a small non-profit run by volunteers.  We believe that homeless shelters, low-income senior housing, state-run detox centers, etc. should be beautiful buildings with inspiring artwork. 

We operate within the limited budgets of our clients.  We wish that we could pay every artist much more for their work and hope that we are able to do so in the future.  On this particular project, we understand that the constraints of the budget are not going to work for all artists. 

A=rt is seeking to purchase original artwork to install in a 23-floor, low-income senior housing building in Minneapolis. In alliance with A=rt’s mission, the goal of this project is to enhance the building interior with artwork that reflects the value of its residents.

The following image is a design mock-up showing how artwork will be installed on 21 floors. Please consider that the current walls have dark, vertical wood panels. This is an existing design element that cannot be altered. All artwork will be installed landscape style.

Feedback from residents and staff (collected via survey and focus groups) indicate that the subject matter preference is nature and artistic style preference is realism.  It is important that the artwork conveys feelings of joy, warmth, and safety.   

  • Subject Matter: Nature or wildlife
  • Artistic Style: Realism (other styles will be purchased in limited quantity)
  • Color: Natural colors and/or brighter colors are preferred
  • Space Requirement: Artwork must fill a wall space that is 36"H x 96"W
    • Some examples might be:
      • 1 panel at 36”H x 96”W
      • 2 panels at 36”H x 48”W
      • 3 panels at 36”H x 30”W
  • Type of work: Original work preferred
  • Price: The most that A=rt can pay for any single painting or grouping is $800 total (including any additional fees for shipping, etc.)

A=rt may work with one Community Artist to engage residents in creating a piece of artwork for the building lobby. When applying, Community Artists must provide pictures of their previous community projects and an Artist's Resume.

Artwork will be selected by a review panel of representatives from both A=rt and the senior housing program. Decisions will be made based on whether the artwork meets the above eligibility criteria, if the artwork complements other selected pieces, if the artwork is affordable to A=rt’s budget, and on the merits of the artwork itself. A=rt is purchasing artwork for this project now. A=rt intends to purchase artwork from 23 artists (one artist per floor). A=rt will notify all artists of intent or non-intent to purchase via email no later than 03/15/16. Please note that a strong preference will be given to Minnesota artists.  Additionally, no photography is needed at this time as we are currently working with four photographers.  

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